Botanical Bath Soaks

ROSITA // A sultry floral blend of dried rose flowers, rose absolute, evening primrose oil and Himalayan pink salt. Cleanse your mind, body, and soul with this rowsie floral bath soak, leaving your skin scented of a fresh cut rose. 8oz glass jar

SESPE // An earthy, beautiful blend of pink salt and Ojai native white sage + wildflowers picked in the peaks and valleys of the magical Ojai Valley. Hempseed oil, rosemary, and citrus essential oils uplift the spirits and transmit negative energy outside and away of your existence. Cleanse your mind, body and soul with this grounding, and earthy blooming bath soak.


BLOSSOM // A bright floral blend of wild daisies, calendula, and chamomile flowers to calm tensions and lift spirits, intertwined with natural sea salts, eucalyptus essential oil and sweet orange essential oil. Cleanse your mind, body, and soul with this wild blossom bath soak.


Full ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, Dried Ojai White Sage + Wildflower (seasonal) Blend, Hempseed Oil, Rosemary EO, Grapefruit EO, Lime EO