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Mama Moon Candles

Mama Moon candles represent all of nature’s elements: Earth, represented by the candle wax; Water reflected by the melted wax pool; Fire represented by the flame and Air, which is the smoke... Each candle’s scent is associated with the hidden fifth element of spirit. The candles also possess symbolic aspects that can assist with specific intentions and manifestations, such as psychic awareness, love, protection, cleansing and healing. 


All Mama Moon Candles and potions are made within a protective circle filled with positive energy, while the oil blends are infused with crystals relevant to the spell for extra cosmic vibes.

Hand Poured in London, England


Current Scents in Stock: 

Protection & Purification: Coriander protects against negative influences in the home, bringing peace security and balance.
Coconut is a water element, promoting healing, peace, compassion and purification.

250 grams. Hand-poured in London. Soy and mineral wax blend. Burn time approx. 50 hours. Comes in a gift box.

Healing & Meditation:Lavender brings peace, joy and healing to the home. 
Cinnamon helps maintain balance and strengthen your sense of purpose.