All Mixed Up

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Have you felt or feel like you have no idea what you want to do with your life? I'll be quite honest I never imagined I'd own a storefront. Growing up with two older sisters who knew what industry they wanted to be in was motivation for me to be ambitious and a hustler, but I was never happy. I thought you had to know what you wanted to be forever in college. When I got into therapy and stopped focusing my life on men and toxic relationships my mind started to have more clarity. But how do you find what you love? One day I was walking in South Pasadena on Mission Street, and stumbled upon a magical store called Zinnia. Sadly its no longer in business, but man it was my happy place. I grabbed a class schedule and signed up for a decoupage class and media art assemblage class. I had so much fun in both classes! Was that my passion? No, but it got me to sign up for more classes. Eventually finding what I call my Za Za Zou!

The best advice I can give someone is you don't have to know what you want to do in college, high school, etc. Everyone has different life paths and upbringings some people know exactly what they want to do and that's amazing, but others don't and that's ok too. It's harder the older you get. At 33 I knew I was done in the field I was in, but I held on because it was a stable income and I also had no clue what to do. I felt like a loser and also felt scared. Whose going to pay my bills? ME! I can't leave a stable job. I did it slowly very slowly until I got the courage to just do it and know that no matter what would happen I'd be OK.  I had to trust in the process. I still do everyday. I don't make a stable paycheck that's the same every two weeks, but I am 100% OK with that today. I'm happier and money can't buy me happiness. If you are struggling to find what you want to do, know that you are not alone, and try taking classes for fun with no expectations. Lastly, you are NEVER too old to find a new passion so don't let anyone tell you different! XO, Krissy 


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