Southwest Coil Basket

Southwest Coil Basket


Size: Approx. 13″ diameter, 13″ tall (33 cm diameter, 33 cm tall).

This hand-woven coil basket sourced from New Mexico and made in Pakistan, where artists have woven baskets by hand for generations. A single basket can take weeks to weave, depending on the size, fineness, and design.

This elegant, tightly woven basket was made the traditional way: by wrapping dyed palm leaves over a coiled bundle of river grass, then hand-stitching each wrap to the previous coil. The more wraps and stitches, the finer the basket. Minor imperfections are proof of the weaver’s hand, and the colors will soften with age.

Use it to organize desk clutter, or as a decorative piece in your home. It also makes an affordable and unique gift for anyone who loves tribal and native handmade pieces of art.

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